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Recruitment Consultancy

In addition to some of the more standard recruitment services, we are increasingly being asked to help clients not just to source people but to help improve their recruitment and selection process from a strategic or operational perspective. We offer a range of recruitment consultancy services including:

  • Delivery of recruitment interviewing skills training
  • Improving recruitment processes, practices and procedures
  • Developing and defining competency frameworks appropriate for your business culture
  • Design, installation and operation of manual and IT based recruitment systems
  • Advice on recruitment campaign management
  • Facilitation of executive / management / competency based interviews
  • Development and delivery of assessment centres
  • Psychometric assessments for prospective candidates or existing personnel


  • Improves the skills and knowledge of interviewers
  • More objective and effective decision making throughout the recruitment process
  • Improves process efficiency
  • Enhances candidate perceptions which can lead to improved company reputation making it easier to attract and source candidates in the future
  • Clearer definition of roles and responsibilities