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BelbinBelbin Observer Assessment

A Belbin Team Roles Self Perception report can be enhanced by receiving observer feedback. Observers are asked to provide feedback on the behaviours you exhibit within the team and provide additional information about an individual's Team Roles which adds an interesting and useful dimension. It can provide a more rounded view of the person and can help people to see themselves as others see them.

This simple process requires a small selection your managers, colleagues and subordinates completing a short assessment about you. This only takes about about 5 or 10 minutes to complete and consists of two checklists adjectives that observers tick according to whether or not they feel they apply to your behaviour or working style.

Observer Assessments are added to your Belbin profile, and provide an additional four pages to your report  which allows you to compare your own view of your Team Roles preferences to those who work with you.

Because this is a behavioural, rather than a psychometric or personality measurement, it provides useful feedback on the behaviour you exhibit and how this is perceived by people you interact with.


  • Provides a more rounded overview of your behavioural profile that takes into account your own self perception and the perception of your collegues
  • Highlights variances of how you see yourself and how others perceive you which can be used to improve areas such as interpersonal communication
  • It only takes a few minutes to give observer feedback and is very cost effective
  • Helps you understand the specific areas that are seen as strengths or areas for improvement from your colleagues perspective