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Belbin AccreditedPersonality and Behavioural Assessments:


Personality assessments can form a key part of the recruitment and selection process. It can be an extremely useful to examine candidates' personality traits with those which are "essential" or "desirable" in the role, compare the prospective candidates in terms of what they would bring to the role and compare candidates' profiles with an "ideal" candidate profile.

These assessments also provide people with a means of identifying their personal strengths help them to look at areas to develop ensure people are placed in roles which allow their talents to be maximisedlet them shine and be round pegs in round holes.

The main Psychometric tools we can offer to assess personal style, traits and behaviours are:

  • 16PF5
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Myers Briggs (MBTI),
  • DiSC

Aptitude and Ability Tests:

Aptitude and ability tests assess candidates' capabilities within specific, defined areas of competence. Some of the more commonly used aptitude and ability tests assess areas such as verbal ability, numerical skills, logical reasoning and problem solving.  These tests add value when assessing a candidate for a position that demands a high level of capability in a particular area (e.g. numerical skills for a role which demands a high degree of numeracy, for example, an Accountancy role). In this case, a numerical ability test will provide an accurate and objective measurement of the candidates' capability which can be compared against the other candidates and the requirements of the role.