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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Testing or Assessments provide a standardised, objective, valid and reliable method of assessing individuals or groups on a range of dimensions such as personality, motivation, verbal ability and numerical skills.

How can the Urquhart Partnership help?

We can help you to:

  • Select the right people
  • Develop the people and teams within your organisation
  • Understand and utilise talent within your organisation

By asking questions…(and listening to your answers!) we make sure we understand your needs. We can then suggest an assessment or combination of assessment tools which will add value to your selection, development, leadership development, team building or outplacement processes. We can suggest the best solution for the challenges or problems you are facing.

Following the completion of a Psychometric Assessment you can discuss the results with a qualified and experienced member of our team. This allows you to discuss the results in depth and to ask questions you wish to illuminate the results. This process can also help you to construct searching interview questions and to make sound selection decisions

Feedback can also be given directly to recruitment candidates or can help with the development of individuals or teams within your organisation. This can enhance the profile of your business and set clear development areas for successful candidates.


  • Assessing candidates' personalities, aptitudes and abilities can reduce the risk of hiring someone who may not be well suited to the role or to the team and of making a costly and time consuming mistake
  • Psychometric Assessments can be used to make objective comparisons between candidates and as part of the selection process. The design and construction of Psychometrics ensures selection decisions are supported by objective information rather than being skewed by first impressions or by the stereotypes we may, unwittingly, have about groups of people.
  • Psychometrics can also be used to guide the development of individuals or teams