80% of companies spend less than 3 hours recruiting a new hire.

An employee on a £40,000 salary plus benefits over 5 years costs £250,000+.

Makes you think…

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  • "I will even Travel to Dyce"...

    The changing face of the local recruitment market.

    06 October 2015

  • ​Talking HR…Employment Fundamentals

    While Talking HR with my colleagues recently, we agreed that employing staff can be a minefield and the direct and associated costs of getting it wrong, or even, getting it ‘not quite right’, are well publicised when an employee gets a ‘big win’ at an Employment Tribunal.

    06 October 2015

  • Hundreds apply for single vacancy as oil slump hits wages

    Alan Clark, Senior Recruitment Consultant at The Urquhart Partnership was featured in an Energy Voice Article today, about the challenges facing workers in the oil industry.

    Alan Clark - 24 September 2015

  • "It was 20 years ago today..."

    Celebrating 20 years of The Urquhart Partnership.

    22 September 2015

  • Humblebragging....the new black?

    We all have words we like the sound of or which resonate with us. Someone I know likes the sound of the words balaclava and ptarmigan ( I know…!)

    Julie McDonald - 17 September 2015

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